while i was away.

i’ve been on planes and between time zones for a few days, celebrating nuptials (other people’s, relax) and hopping in and out of cabs with over-sized luggage. so, i missed a few things. in an effort to refrain from posting back to back lengthy posts, below is my attempt at very brief recaps of things that i feel compelled to comment on, in no particular order of social or personal importance:

a collection of hoodies and how we rise with words:

while i don’t think it benefits any of us to dwell in anger or angst, as this is the Martin family’s tragedy to find forgiveness and strength in, i do believe it is our job to continue to have dialogue about the Trayvon Martin case. we can continue to discuss it’s societal implications and it’s affects on all of us. here are a few people and pieces that did just that:

From Martin to Martin: Hoodies up on the Mountaintop – Michael Skolnik, GlobalGrind.com

No Apologies: On the Killing of Trayvon Martin and Being “Good” – Danielle Belton, BlackSnob.com

Will You Wear Your Hoodies Up? – Rachel Sklar, hellogiggles.com

Michelle Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin – GlobalGrind.com

each of these pieces was written by someone who’s face i would never be able to pick out of a line-up (aside from the Michelle audio clip, i’d totally know her if i saw her). and there are more. i’ve read at least a dozen. and now i’m writing this. and maybe someone will comment or reblog or share or write their own piece. see how this works? i can go back to posting cool vintage photos and dresses i’d like to wear as soon as i’m done. no harm, no foul. but when Trayvon comes up in conversation, i’m going to use that opportunity to have some dialogue. if i see an interesting or moving post, i’m going to reblog it here or pin the photo that will link back to it.

speaking on something so serious and heavy doesn’t mean you can’t post pretties and funnies. do it. i do. use your space to be yourself. but, if you feel a way about something, use your voice. i believe in the power of sharing one’s aesthetic and the inspiration that can ensue for so many others, especially in the times of pinterest and polyvore but, don’t forget your words. with our words, we will create conversations, awareness, unity and change.

we are in the times of followers and friend requests. in many ways, it feels like the reason we feel so stagnant, unable to create real movement like those who came before us and made such strides, is because we’re celeb-stalking and retweeting behind our computers. but, we have to look at this differently. no one says you have to quit your job, art or leisure to be an activist. don’t associate dialogue with such a burden. all it means is being informed, speaking up when you have something to contribute and taking action when given the opportunity. if everyone used their words, their various outlets and online presences, we could do so much. awareness is half the battle, right?


this show is fantastic. it’s wonderfully written. funny, smart, uncomfortable, revealing, all my favorite things. and, even though Lena Dunham and i couldn’t have grown up more different than each other, i identify with so many pieces of these conversations and situations. of course, i’d love a brown girl character too. but, this is not a show about a “diverse group of friends making it in America.” i appreciate the authenticity of her experience and her commitment to creating a truthful show based on exaggerated versions of her and her friend’s lives. if you were given the chance to create a show and use your friends, wouldn’t you? i absolutely would. with no apologies.

ugh, brief. i have many things to say on this topic but in an effort to keep this post from becoming a book, i’ll stop myself here. but, here are a few pieces worth checking out:

Jesse Levine | Glennis McCarthy | Carlye Wisel | Amy O’Connor

ok, last thing: i watched shows like Girlfriends, Frasier, Will & Grace, A Different World, and many others with the same…uh…”monochromatic palette” and never questioned it’s diversity efforts. they were just good shows. so, shut up.

belated friday fave: lugless.com

they ship your luggage to your destination. door to mutha-f*ckin door. and for less than it costs on most airlines to check the same luggage. i know! best thing ever.

thanks, PureWow!

community is everything:

i know, no news there. but, recently i’ve been keeping the company of some pretty talented, encouraging, inspiring people. women, mostly. which is even more exciting. with some of those same women, i’ve seen some great shows & films that restored my faith in this sometimes discouraging business. it is possible to make great things with your favorite people without compromising who you are or your creative vision.

also, have you noticed how many incredibly funny women are on TV right now? i have. i’ve seen some good film lately and it’s definitely being made but, TV is kind of killing it right now. i think it’s all the funny women and writers. Amy Poehler wrote and directed this week’s episode of Parks and Rec. pumped! 30 Rock is live this week. yes! BFF is hilarious. Queenetta, i love you. HBO is on fire. all these awesome ensembles, these funny women, these talented people, a lot of whom are making things with friends and long-time colleagues…it just confirms, the people we surround ourselves with and those we choose to work with is everything.

okay, whew! all caught up. i feel better. don’t be mad at my long post. i promise to post pretty pics and good songs to make up for this crazy long mess. you don’t want to see what happens when i can’t say the things i need to. it’s something like this.

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