we’re skipping ahead today. this is an all-time fave because every time i look at it i’m reminded of how happy i was in that moment. jarek had just moved to nyc so, for the first time in 10 years, we were spending my birthday together. between me being such a committed nomad and him being a college kid and then a workin’ man, we were always at the mercy of schedule and location. so, i was VERY happy to be sharing cake and dances with my favorite (and only) little brother. i mean, look at my face. i’m smiling, wrapping and squeezing. all signs of extreme joy (look it up, it’s in the thing).

we’re getting down to the wire. only 3 more days! i think i’ve done almost everything on my to-do list. i finally found shoes and i think all that’s left is to make sure i threaten the lives of the guys taking my brother away for his “bachelor night” and i’ll be good. just about ready to cry my eyes out, eat until my dress requires a safety pin and dance the night away!

photo #3: jmc and i in some lounge on the upper east side. my hair is still in tact so i’m assuming it was early in the night. after learning of my recent nano crash and my need to deter strangers (or random vagabonds) from talking to me during my commute, he gifted me a new nano. he’s thoughtful that way.

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