dear Mr. President…


Obama is wearing double-pleated khakis. Traditionally, the outermost pleat symbolizes a pressing need to attend to some bills, while the inner pleat represents growing anxiety about the state of the screen door.

Dad-Wear Fashion Faceoff: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

dear Mr. President,

i love you so, so much. really. i plan to go hard campaigning for your re-election. like, thinking about spending more time in my home state of Florida over the next few months to knock on doors and things. that hard. and, i know you’re mad busy, saving the world, cultivating your swag, being an awesome husband and father. i get it, i do. but, please. please, please, please get a flat front pant. dockers makes an awesome one. super simple. classic khaki. i mean, your suit game is good. and i know Michelle has your back in the wardrobe department, she’s so crazy stylish. is it that you’re too busy to care? is it a comfort thing? i’m happy to take a writing sabbatical and come style you. we can do a barter system or something. you make my student loan debt disappear…and i’ll make sure you’re the best dressed president since Lincoln’s trailblazing hat game.

think about it. and again, i love you.


p.s. heyyy Shakira…

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