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trevor-noah-gq-select-1i’m not saying i’m psychic. or that my incredibly powerful manifestation skills are responsible (you’re welcome, Trevor), but i totally called it. Trevor Noah, a comedian from South Africa, will succeed Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’. and i couldn’t be more excited about the decision!

i suspect not everyone is as pumped about the news as i am. some people will be disappointed it wasn’t one of the many funny women considered. others, that Trevor is only 31 years old. or that he isn’t an American. or the reason no one’s willing to admit to, that he’s a “black” man. (the word “black” is in quotes because he’s actually self-identified biracial, but i assume most people will see him as black. because, well, this is America.)  most of all, critics and fans alike will have the hardest time with Trevor Noah’s succession because he is not Jon Stewart. because, as we all know in our hearts, there will never be another Jon Stewart.


so, to those upset about Jon Stewart and ‘The Daily Show’s impending separation and their new partnering with Trevor Noah, some words:

first and foremost, Jon’s decision to leave and Comedy Central’s selection of Trevor has nothing to do with how much either of them love your viewership. you did nothing wrong. the bond you have with Jon Stewart and his tenure as ‘The Daily Show’ is yours to keep. secondly, Trevor Noah is a smart, thoughtful, funny guy who is completely aware of the special relationship you have with Jon. he is no way trying to replace him. he just hopes you all can create your own relationship and he promises to do right by ‘The Daily Show’ by working hard to continue to create the best news show. finally, stay out of grown folks business. you’re grounded.

Trevor-noah-GQ-South-Africa-October-2014-3i would never do the thing that is sometimes done (looking at you black community), where i pinhole Trevor as the biracial representative, putting pressure on him to somehow be the face and voice of an entire people. BUT, i will say, i am very excited such a unique and honest perspective will inherit this particular platform. given his hilarious and spot on commentary (if you haven’t seen his stand up, please do), his international interpretation, and his mindful nature, i have no doubt Trevor Noah will do us all, especially Mr. Stewart, proud.

yay!!! congratulations, Trevor Noah!! you’re a brave man to take the gig. wishing you tons of success as our new ‘Daily Show’ host!! see you at the meetings.

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