thinking of you, FSU.

i woke up this morning to a text from my brother saying there was a school shooting at our alma mater, Florida State University. i read it three times before what he’d written registered. i immediately went to google and searched for some information. there it was…”Gunman shoots 3 students at Florida State, is killed. WHAT?!

fsu my heart goes out to those wounded physically, mentally, and emotionally by this morning’s tragic events. i walked around that campus at all hours, many times to and from that very library, feeling safe and secure. i’m saddened knowing that sense of freedom and security will not exist for those living there now.

fsuribbonlike one of the students said, you just never think of something like this happening so close to home. Akeem and i were just talking about this very thing. now that we have Judah, we find ourselves considering things like his safety once he begins school. times have surely changed. there is a whole new set of worries that our parents just did not have, and school shootings is one of them. i’m so grateful no one was killed in today’s events. wishing those injured a speedy and spirited recovery. my thoughts and prayers are with the Nole Nation today.


update: i’ve since visited the FSU Facebook page and i’m encouraged by the show of strength from the FSU students and community. there has also been an overwhelming outpouring of love and support from students of other university around the country. let the healing “war cries” and “tomahawks” begin… #weareFSU

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