the rehearsal dinner was tonight. we got to hear a little bit of the ceremony. actually, a lot of it. they might already be married. we watched them hold hands, practice how and when to walk, and sneak away for a quick moment alone in the tent under the twinkle lights. i cried. just a little but, i did. i’ve been told i have to keep it together or i might make others cry. let me just apologize in advance for not doing what i was told. i’m sorry.

this time tomorrow my brother will be married! this beautiful woman will be my sister-in-law and our families will be bound in love, under God, forever. at first i think i just felt anxious about my brother being a part of another family, and possibly less a part of ours. but, that just isn’t true. it could never be. and as a matter of fact, our family is just growing. a new sister, more family and friends, and obscene amounts of love.

that’s crazy amazing. i can’t wait. i also hear the food will be delicious.

photo #5: my signature wrap & squeeze move at whit’s parent’s house this past xmas. this pretty much sums up this week and our entire relationship. him being crazy cool and me, having a tough time letting go.

funny how the last couple fave photo posts have been pics taken at whit’s family home. that has to be a good sign. :)

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