“the author at work in his private study aided by the Isolator. outside noises being eliminated, the worker can concentrate with ease upon the subject at hand.”

i’d like to reinvent the Isolator, with a few variations. as cute as that hat/helmet is, maybe a more modern redesign is in order. i’d also like to include more adapter options. think, a vacuum for your face. no, that’s not right. vacuums have all those clamps and fasteners, like that.

say for like, a comedy writer, instead of connecting to an air tank (if that’s what that is), they’d be able attach to a vaporizer or a domestic beer tap. and maybe a novelist could connect to a bottle of red wine or some mobile espresso machine. i guess then, i’d have to add a cooling agent somewhere. noted. and if you’re a Real Housewife writing your first song or memoir, you could hook the Isolator up to time-released botox injections or boxed white wine or whatever. i’ll just include many adapters so people have options.

okay, any takers? i just need a good backer and i’m ready to get crackin’.

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