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mommahood monday: “it goes by so fast.”

April Fools!! ha! gotcha! you thought it was Monday! aaahahaha! (i didn’t get much sleep last night, please don’t swear off this blog…) i know, it isn’t Monday and that wasn’t my best prank, but i wrote this on Monday so please join me in a game of pretend. it is Monday and i can still call this a “mommahood […] Read more…


well, hello again!

hey there! i’m back to posting irregularly, after taking the last few weeks to obsess over our little guy. thank you a zillion times over for all your well wishes here and on Facebook and Instagram. we welcomed Judah Eli Smith on September 18th at 5:12am. he’s a Virgo, he likes long walks in the […] Read more…


stolen vacay.

my parents are in town this week. it’s their vacay, but mr. smith and i decided to piggy back their trip and disappear for a couple days too. so, after a weekend full of baby shower love — really, we have the most generous and loving family and friends, near and far — we’ve been […] Read more…