street harassment.

street harassment.

this happens way too often.  and yes, i get it.  it’s not exactly the latest civil rights debate or a matter of national emergency but this is a serious issue.  it is my right to walk to work.  to the train.  down to the deli.  or just for exercise.  it is not any one’s right to harass me for doing so.  i don’t know you, don’t talk to me.  i don’t like it when you comment on the way my body moves or how it makes you feel.  and even if you don’t say anything, i can feel you staring at me.  and don’t think i didn’t notice you step closer in order to grunt or hiss in earshot.  you disgusting piece of worthless trash.

do you have a mother?  a sister?  how about a daughter?  how would you feel if some skeez was doing this to them?  on a regular basis.  how would you feel if they came home one day and said they no longer feel comfortable walking down the street? would your skeez fall away and leave room for the “protective & honorable man” to step into play?  where was he earlier, when i walked by?  i’m some one’s sister and daughter.

and you know what, why can’t i respond?  why will it be considered “disorderly conduct” (yes, there have been incidents.) or even dangerous if i then decide to spit a few choice words your way?  what is my defense?  the skeez is the one doing wrong, but i’m forced to just put in my earphones, pick up the speed and pretend like i wasn’t just violated.  not cool.  it’s not right.  something has to change.  what can we do?

walk on.

i appreciate Nuala Cabral for making this video and addressing this issue.  i appreciate Denice Frohman for sharing it.  it’s time to take back our right to walk!!

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