speaking of sharing.

speaking of sharing…i have questions and concerns about that. when it comes to my own personal tales, i’m fine with an overshare and the occasional personal photo.

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but now that Judah is here, i have major reservations about how much i share about him – in the way of photos mostly. i think a story about explosive poops and hilarious newborn behavior is fine, but plastering countless pics (we’ve taken at least 562,387 by now) in such an open and accessible forum such as the internets is SCARY. i have friends who share photos of their children on public Facebook and Instagram with absolutely no worries or issues at all. i also follow dozens of mom-bloggers who very graciously share family photos on their blogs and social sites. and i must say, i LOVE scrolling thru images of their adorable tots. i mean, seriously. if my friends didn’t post pictures of their kids i’d never have a reason to be online – i’m obsessed with those cuties! but part of me, the larger part, just doesn’t feel 100% comfortable sharing images of Judah in the same way.


this doesn’t mean i don’t WANT to bombard this blog and subsequent social media outlets with photos of JuJu – i DO! i would love to post that adorable picture of him sleeping, because c’mon, he is the cutest little nugget that ever lived. but aside from being afraid of some pervy creeper saving images of my kid to his desktop, i also think it might be nice to let Judah decide his internet presence. i don’t want to take his choice away by making the decision for him now. what if he grows up to be an incredibly private (brilliant/amazing/talented) person who resents and regrets this permanent and public web representation he did not ask for or agree to?


is that crazy? as a reader, is that super annoying? parents out there – how are you handling the world of internets and social media when it comes to your family’s privacy? we’ve created a private instagram account for sharing with friends and family. but what about here? how do i reconcile this with being a blogger? this is what i do, blog about life and what not, and a lot of that sharing includes visuals. so how do i do that and not include my kid? so far, the plan is to find “interesting” ways of sharing personal photos of JuJu. clever angles, creative crops, and maybe some cool shadowy stuff in order to conceal his identity. see that? i just made my kid sound like a super hero!


i’d love to hear how others are dealing with this idea of sharing and not sharing. do you post photos of your kids online? are your accounts private or public? do you ever worry about the same things?


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1 comment on speaking of sharing.

  1. Shari
    November 5, 2014 at 12:37 pm (3 years ago)

    Jodie feels the exact same way She has set up a page where only very close family and friends are invited to view on occasion. She has voiced the concerns you do of safety, privacy and Edie making decisions when she is old enough.
    I think we see all extremes–parents who have opted out and those who share every moment of their baby’s life.
    Trust your instincts—They have always served you well.


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