sorry i’m late. everyone, Bryan Stevenson.


over the past few days, i’ve grown increasingly obsessed with finding as much as i can on an inspiring man named Bryan Stevenson. he is no celebrity, you will not find a reality show bearing his name, and his organization, Equal Justice Initiative, has only 6500 followers on Twitter. and yet, everyone should know his name and hear what he has to say. i’m ashamed i hadn’t sooner.


in 2012, Bryan Stevenson, a human rights lawyer and NYU Law professor from Alabama, gave an incredible TED talk that received the longest standing ovation in the series history. last year he wrote a book called Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. i just ordered it and i’m looking forward to reading it ASAP. he was also on The Daily Show last fall and was one of the best interviews i’ve seen on that show. possibly the best. yes, definitely the best. i posted Mr. Stevenson’s TED talk and Daily Show interview on Facebook over the weekend. i wish it’d gotten as many likes and views as some of the less valuable things i’ve posted, but i digress.


Mr. Stevenson’s ideas about creating honest and healing dialogue are some of the best i’ve ever heard. i could go on and on, but i’d rather you just hear it from the man himself. i hope to one day be advised by him on how to better create dialogue thru my work. my original Facebook post is below: (click the images for the video) 

Unknown i don’t know that i’ve ever agreed more wholeheartedly with anyone more than i agree with Bryan Stevenson. please, everyone, watch this. i cannot think of a better way to spend 20 minutes. if you know nothing else about me, know that THIS is what i believe in most. THIS is what i give the most energy. and the work i do helping to create this type of dialogue will be the work i’m most proud of. please watch, be inspired, and answer this call to action. i’m doing my best to. if this doesn’t move something in you, i invite you to message me so we can discuss how to remedy that.  

jstewbrysteveif you’re feeling particularly generous and have another 16 mins, watch this clip of Bryan Stevenson’s sit-down with Jon Stewart. the dialogue created here is instrumental in bettering our own lives and the lives of everyone. 

pretty inspiring, huh?! do you feel a call to action after hearing this? does it stir anything in you? are you confused by anything you’ve heard here? if this is something you’d like to discuss any of this further, i’d love to hear from you. either comment below or email me at here’s to the dialogue creators and the change makers in all of us!

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2 comments on sorry i’m late. everyone, Bryan Stevenson.

  1. ClassicChev
    February 28, 2015 at 5:58 pm (3 years ago)

    I’m also super late. I just watched both of those videos and he’s spot on. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to order his book too. More people need to know about this conversation because he’s speaking the truth.

  2. Liz
    February 26, 2015 at 2:39 am (3 years ago)

    I’ve been under a nearby rock. I didn’t know of this gentleman but so glad that you have introduced us. Since your Facebook post I’ve been into this man. I personally have been contemplating the reasons behind so many killings in my husbands hometown of Anderson SC. And while I was aware of the avoidance of owning up to racism in the south and the poverty of so many of my people in the south, I never made the connection of the two being at the root of the problem for these people in Anderson. It is indeed an issue that challenges me at my mother-in-laws dinner table because it’s affecting family members. I wonder how to help my 19-year-old cousin see the tragic road he’s traveling before it literally eats him up and sucks him in. Clearly I have work to do. God places things on our hearts and minds for good reason. It’s no mistake that this keeps showing up in my world. Thanks for reigniting the fire.


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