some friday faves. have a fun fall weekend!

pardon the super late post. my morning meeting ran a little long. he’s my most important and demanding client:


what is everyone up to this weekend? friends we haven’t seen in a while are coming over to meet Judah, so that should be fun. i’m also planning on bundling up to spend some quality time with a few magazines or maybe a new book, and sip tea while it’s still hot. oh, it will be glorious. here are a few fun links from around the web:


it’s the week of good sequel news! first this one and now this one!

apparently yoga pants are not a thing in India.  

now we all know when to buy what. you’re welcome

watch Benedict Cumberbatch be awesome at impromptu impressions.

we all thought Mr. Rogers was awesome, but now we know it for sure.

will you let your kids use iPads? Steve Jobs didn’t.

scientists have figured out the key to lasting relationships. and we all learned the traits in kindergarten. 

the DWTS standout, Alfonso Ribeiro, says Turn Down for What?

i haven’t tried yet, but i saw this link all over Facebook. how to draw a perfect FREEHAND circle.

have a fun weekend! xo.

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