signs of a brat.

all of which i’ve done in the last 24 hours:

  1. knowing i can’t finish both of these big ass cookies from Levain bakery but refusing to share them.
  2. emailing my mom, asking that she not forget about our impending, whenever (and wherever) it ends up being. in other words, don’t spend the money you offered to spend on my dress on new hardwood floors and a coffeemaker.
  3. possibly including something in that email eluding to not spending too much on my brother’s wedding in the meantime. (i know. shame, shame, shame.)
  4. wearing headphones even when there’s no music playing.  just for the privacy. #NYCspecific
  5. attempting to convince my significant other to stay up and watch tv so i can fall asleep with the bed all to myself.
  6. refusing to go to “work drinks” because the designated bar isn’t within a 30 block radius of my apartment.  (to my credit, it’s in BK, off the L, and i live on UES. right?)

i’ll be really considerate tomorrow, promise.  it’s all about balance.

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