see ‘jeff, who lives at home’ immediately.

i was completely caught off guard by this film. i knew i wanted to see it, i had a strong feeling i’d love it but i didn’t expect to be so significantly affected by it. i’m still not sure i know how i feel or why. when it was over i wanted to cry. and scream. and stare. and be silent. and run. and write. but, mostly cry. like, when you’re sitting in the back pew at church when you haven’t been in a while but you feel like everything the preacher is saying is just for you. and you cry. hard and for reasons you can’t explain. like that.

see this movie.

maybe it’s the milestone birthday i just had. or maybe it’s my weighted investment in destiny. maybe it’s that i’m working on creating my own definition of happy. or…maybe it was just an amazing fucking film. either way, it’s a beautiful (and quick – 82 mins) movie worth seeing and discussing. i think you’ll feel affected in some way. and if not you’re a corpse, you will at least appreciate the performances and direction. in other words, see it. no matter the reason, you’ll be glad you did.

see this movie.

i hope Jason Segel is crazy proud of the work he did in this film. i hope Judy Greer and Ed Helms know that hotel scene they created was gut-wrenching and perfect. i hope Susan Sarandon knows she told me everything i needed to know with that quick glance in her compact mirror. i hope the Duplass brothers are aware of the reassurance they give those of us committed to creating our own path as artists. i hope this film can be a sign for anyone who’s looking and open to receiving. i know i am.

see this movie.

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