remember when Dave Chappelle outsmarted everyone?

since mentioning this in the addendum to my Fiona post earlier, once again, i can’t get his words out of my head. Dave Chappelle’s “Inside the Actors Studio” is an all-time favorite and much of that has to do with what he says in this clip. his interpretation is the best i’ve heard regarding the sickness this industry can carry and infect so many strong and talented people with. i was deeply affected by it. so much so, it transformed the way i choose to be a part of this business.

if you haven’t seen his entire interview, it’s broken into parts on youtube (or available here) and absolutely worth an hour of your life. he drops serious knowledge.

i still throw out the word “crazy” a bit freely from time to time but since hearing this when i did, i’m definitely much more aware of, how Dave puts it, it’s dismissive nature.

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