pinterest disorder.

is this a real thing? here are my symptoms:

  • i all of a sudden want multiple homes, in multiple styles, in multiple locations. (okay, this one existed before but it’s reached a concerning level as of late.)
  • i’d like 17 children now, instead of 1 to 3. and since the gene pool i’m working with cannot produce asian babies, some may or may not be kidnapped.
  • i am engaged. we’re fine with our promise of the future and in no hurry to plan a wedding, but because of pinterest, i’d all of a sudden like a 500 person wedding with 3 to 4 dress changes. this one is fleeting and only in spurts but since in my sober brain it sounds dreadful, i thought it worth mentioning.
  • i no longer window-shop, only pin-shop. and i miss the real world.
  • i have manifested best-friendships with at least a dozen people i’ve never met.
  • sidebar: i may have also developed a Deepak Chopra-complex because of my “word.” board, convincing myself i’m a spiritual leader. this is possibly a spin-off disorder.

i’d like ONLY expert opinions on this, please. thank you.

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