…only because i think it would make a really great film.  in the least obnoxious, self-indulgent way of course.  oh, how i wish i could write that way.  think something like “Antoine Fisher” meets “Erin Brockovich” (maybe add a little from each of Julia from “Pretty Woman” & “Steel Magnolias” for good measure.) meets “Funny Face” meets “Girl Interrupted” with a half a cup of “Reality Bites”, a sprinkle of “Devil Wears Prada” and a dash of the Julie side of “Julie & Julia”. oh, and definitely include a helping of Miss May from “Secret Life of Bees”.  yes, that would maybe do it.  with a Gnarls Barkley & Erykah Badu soundtrack.  huh, there’s no real funny in there.  hmmmmm…oh well.  guess i’ll just have to play myself.  love her, but if rashida jones plays me i’ll lose it (i love her, really i do.  it’s just that she has my career and i can’t get past that.).  maybe zoe kravitz would be up to it?  sorry, focus…life story movie.  nah, no press tour.  just the big interviews.  i’ve been dying to do the interview with O that i’ve been rehearsing in the shower (thats where my best ideas and sound bites happen) since i was 12.  maybe a barbara walters special…but only if she agrees to film at my italian home.  since, that’s where i’ll be living after filming has wrapped.

ok, maybe just a little self-indulgent.  sorry.  it’s not me.  it’s the S.A.D. talking.  straight, madness.

(via wishopeace) —->  lovin the stuff they post!

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