one more 90s lady-classic.  a few comments and then i’m out…(see i’m so 90s today it’s affecting my vernacular.)

—RIP Left Eye…you were so seriously dope.

—how gorgeous is Queen Latifah?

—i miss this Kim.

—Mary J. looks like she had a serious blast.  LOL…like, shoes off and all. love it.

—before this video, i don’t think i knew who Angie Martinez was.  i know.

—anyone notice how different a good time looked back then?  from the clothes to the dancing.  i miss it.

—the soundtrack was the best part of this wack movie.

—where did all this love go?  i think it’s time for a ladies night 2010.  ehh, nicki minaj can come…but on 2 conditions.  she can’t speak and her wardrobe has to be approved by atleast 3 elders.  :)

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