my mother is one of the most hilarious people ever.  especially, around holiday season.  and she hates to gift cash.  hates it.  she believes in giving thoughtful gifts that mean something.  but, considering this year’s need vs. want theme…she made an exception. while this song (the one posted above) played, she gave me this: 


a carefully choreographed, with audio and all, gift that made me laugh so hard i cried.  ahh, my mother and her accomplice, max.  amazing parentals.  and hilarious.

every year we try and talk my mother out of giving gifts.  but every year, she insists on giving atleast a few gifts.  i guess when you grow up a virtual orphan with no real holiday celebrations, let alone xmas gifts…you try and do the extreme opposite for your own family.  she’s great.  we have the dopest xmas eve tradition, the most laughs and the best food.  with or without the gifts, xmas with my family is my absolute favorite time of year! 

merry christmas folks…from my fam to yours.

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