monday mentions!

the leaves are falling, we got that extra hour of sleep this weekend (praise!), and it’s finally sweater weather. fall is in full swing! it’s strange…i don’t think i’ve ever been this pumped for chillier weather. could it be? could pregnancy have given me a new appreciation for non-summer temperatures? i suppose being nine months pregnant in sweltering 90+ degree weather could do that. i will forever and always be a summer lover, but here i am…excited about fall! be sure to check in again when my jacket turns to a coat and it’s the kind of cold where i have to have the heat on in my car. i’m sure i’ll be back to my anti-cold weather ways.

month-of-novemberspeaking of hibernating…being a human milk machine and working up the courage to venture out with a newborn can create many moments of mindless web searching. here’s a list of some things i’ve found in my latest rabbit hole of endless clicks and browsing:

it appears Daniel Radcliffe is amazingly Blackalicious.

a list that made me feel pretty good about life. thanks, Carol.

call me silly, but i’m seriously lusting after this basic, slightly-expensive-for-a-shirt-i’d-probably-stain-after-one-wear, white tee.

this basically proves that Amy Poehler and i are meant to be BFFs if not, the same person. can’t wait to read her book!

ten hours of walking thru NYC as a woman. warning: disgust-inspired rants regarding gender-based injustices will for sure ensue.

recently obsessing over this board. now, if someone else will do all the grocery shopping i’ll get busy.

if i need nothing else for my post-baby, reminder of womanhood wardrobe it’s this sexy and affordable skirt.

this woman dances like no one is watching to the zillionth power – good for her! but that first comment about elbows is possibly the funniest thing on the internet…

…and if it isn’t…this Brad Pitt interview on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns most definitely is.

completely obsessed with this house and must stay there. or at least pin every photo to my “inspiring interiors” board.

happy Monday, folks. hope you have a great week!



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