momma’hood monday: my five momma “meditations.”


last week was a roughish one (i’m sure there’s a blog post, or three, in there somewhere). but here we all are. another week, another chance to get it right. right? right!

sometimes when i’m feeling less than peaceful, spending time near the ocean can act as a universal shhh for my overactive mind. so, yesterday we packed some snacks and headed to the coast. we walked, allowing Judah to get some good people-watching in. then we found a quieter spot to cop a squat for a bit and set up camp just in time for JuJu to take his first ever nap on the beach. we played in the sand, introduced him to the waves, and took fun pictures to send to Gigi (<–the day’s objective). a perfect Sunday.


now that i’m a momma, hibernating (also known as self-pity spiraling) my way thru a difficult week is impossible. even the time or headspace to meditate has become increasingly sporadic (not that i was particularly consistent in my mediation practice before). but if last week was a reminder of anything, it’s that i’m going to have to work harder to create that space for myself. and since i can’t always spend the day at the beach, i’ve found a few other simple, overly specific, “actively meditative” (i think i made that term up to replace the word “mindless”) things to tame my thoughts and remind me to breathe:

1. getting up before the rest of the house to sip tea and stretch and/or do a quick yoga sequence while reciting “thank you” over and over to myself. i know, so specific. this morning i did this for the first time in a while and it felt wonderful. i’m hoping to make it more a regular occurrence.

2. putting on very, very comfy somethings and binge-watching reruns of a funny show. occasionally, if i’m feeling particularly adventurous, i’ll watch a new show. but i like the familiarity of a cast i know. plus, i love watching an old favorite and stumbling on an episode i’ve never seen. oh, the thrill.


3. flipping thru a magazine. i usually like to do this while sipping tea also. i always peruse a new magazine from back to front and i fold the pages of stories requiring a longer read. the second read is for devouring a feature or interview and reading the credits of that beauty or home story. i love reading books, but they can sometimes be too much of a commitment for meeting my mindless needs. magazines are the perfect informational fling.

4. taking a leisurely shower. not so i can shave my legs or wash my hair (i’ve gotten both those down to olympic-level speeds), but so i can think clearly. i do some of my best creative brainstorming in the shower. and if i’m not into being productive, i’ll play music – typically 90s R&B or 60s soul. i’ve also been known to pray, practice my interview with Oprah, and/or envision other awesome future happenings. for some reason, visualization is exceptionally easier for me in the shower.

02ab14d97da0ae0d097673596b810f915. going for a walk in nature, a beautiful park, or a quiet neighborhood – especially ones with tree-lined streets. actually just being in the beauty of lush natural habitats has a similar affect as the ocean does. but, i LOVE walking. i mean, i love sitting. and laying is pretty great too. i don’t particularly like running, but i LOVE to walk. i hope to one day be the kind of person who can have all meetings while on a walk or sitting under some giant tree.

pretty simple stuff. do any of you do any of these? isn’t it wonderful to find such great satisfaction in the small things? that feels like an accomplishment in itself. what do you do to quiet your mind or reset after a rough day or week? i’d love to hear your somethings!

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2 comments on momma’hood monday: my five momma “meditations.”

  1. Lauren
    March 10, 2015 at 9:24 am (3 years ago)

    Get it right according to who?! You’re amazing and wonderful and beautiful in every way – Right, schmight – who cares – you’re doing GREAT.

  2. Joel
    March 10, 2015 at 6:32 am (3 years ago)

    hmmm…i’ve tried to embrace the groupdinner hang as a way to kick the feet up and not to worry too much. coming back to the breath has been crucial. going to my favorite coffee spot, listening to my favorite song, or just indulging in whatever may not be the best (pringles) thing to have. also, just reminding myself that it’s okay :)


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