momma’hood monday: mom-stagrams i love.

when i became pregnant i also became a master blog-finder. ask me anything and i can find a blog post about it. i like reading people’s personal takes on things, uninfluenced by advertisers or sponsorships. and while i was busy googling things like “how much ankle swelling is too much” and “the largest head ever birthed” – it pays to be informed – i came across a ton of momma bloggers. from instagram stalking pictures of their kids to reading thoughtful posts on the signs of postpartum depression, i created my own little online community of info, humor, and virtual camaraderie. the list is endless, but here are a few mommas that have become daily staples. and by staples, i mean instagrams i obsess over follow and frequent:

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bevcooks – okay, so i have to admit that i’ve only visited Bev’s site a few times (she posts some killer recipes!). it’s her instagram that i’m completely obsessed with. really, guys. i look forward to it. her twins, Natalie and Will, are the most adorable chunky-legged nuggets ever. and i don’t know how, but she manages to take the most hilarious photos of them. maybe it’s just the captions she writes, but i feel like every instance is real and that they are very funny babies. she makes having twins seem like fun (and totally manageable) which has to be some sort of black magic. she’s made me LOL (this, this, then this. i meannn…) on many occasion and that pretty much makes her my insta-BFF.

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mammawaters – this sure is a pretty instagram. Amanda takes the most beautifully simplistic shots of her home, life, and kids. i’m mostly inspired by how spotless and put together her home is. i mean, really, someone give this woman a friggin’ medal. she also writes the most honest and thoughtful posts on pregnancy and motherhood and among other things, she’s inspired me to widen my knowledge of essential oils and their role in every day life and motherhood. also – i’m pretty sure her kids are friends with Bev’s kids (above) and i seriously reacted like i actually knew them when i saw a photo of all their kids together. like “oh, you know Will and Nat too?! small world!” i need to get out more.

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latonyayvette – i could probably write a pamphlet (mmyuckg! what an awful word. but i can’t think of anything else) on the many things i adore about LaTonya. one, her instagram makes me happy. it’s always bright, always creative, and i can literally feel the appreciation she has for her family in every post. two, i’m completely obsessed with her style. she’s a New Yorker, a Brooklynite to be more specific, yet she wears so much color. always! i didn’t even think that was a thing? can you do that?! she does! she manages to remain hip, conscious, and thoughtful all while mothering two seriously adorable kiddies, blogging, styling, maintaining friendships and wearing fun head wraps and perfect shades of lipstick. i’d like to be her friend. i’d like Judah to be best friends with her son Oak (yes, Oak, because of course he would have the coolest name!). i’d like our families to live next door to each other.


houseofhabitJessica has four boys and “an overly dependent dog named jack.” so, basically she’s a superhero with an instagram. (do other superheros have instagrams? i’d like to follow Batman. does he post as Bruce Wayne or Batman? i’ve said too much.) i love how she embraces the very different personalities that make up her tribe of boys. i’m especially a fan of her son Theo Leon.* he’s one of those kids that seems to so obviously dance to the beat of his own super awesome drum. he’s also all about that bass. she also takes really amazing shots of her guys and their adventures together (i’m obvs a sucker for a good photo) and she loves a good road trip, as do i. basically, she’s a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll and a very hands-on momma. it’s also encouraging in case i end up with a house full of boys one day.


Kelly Stuart + theglow – i love The Glow for featuring some of the most wonderfully fashionable and multitasking master mommas, but again, it’s kiiinda the photos. i want to recreate all those motherhood moments Kelly (co-founder and photog) so perfectly captures. i follow Kelly’s personal instagram and if you’re looking for beautifully shot reminders to spend as much time in nature, traveling with your loves, and cataloguing all of it using natural light then she’s pretty much your everything. the reason i love the Glow so much is it feels like an escape to the most beautiful moments of motherhood. the site is an absolute gem, with wonderful photo stories and easy navigation. i can lose hours scrolling thru all the goodness.

there are obviously so many other kick-ass mommas. and some pretty incredible ladies i call friends who inspire me every day (but their instgrams are private and i can’t go posting their kids mugs all over the internets, so…). but ya know, sometimes it’s nice to just see a quick snapshot from another mother’s life that’s honest and aesthetically pleasing. especially in those lonely-ish, perpetually unsure or i-only-have-one-hand-for-the-rest-of-my-life moments.  these ladies remind me to hang furiously to humor, remain true to who i am, weaving my innate creativity into every aspect of motherhood, while enjoying every bit of it. thanks, ladies.

*update: 2.12.15: i realized i used the wrong name when identifying who is possibly my favorite child on all the internet. it’s so strange because i totally know his name and only noticed the oddity when rereading the post to find a link i’d used. i’m ashamed and i’ve corrected it. forgive me, Leon (and Leon’s mom, Jessica). you are in no way mistakable for anyone else and very, very memorable. in the most awesome way! 

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