mommahood monday: “it goes by so fast.”

April Fools!! ha! gotcha! you thought it was Monday! aaahahaha! (i didn’t get much sleep last night, please don’t swear off this blog…) i know, it isn’t Monday and that wasn’t my best prank, but i wrote this on Monday so please join me in a game of pretend. it is Monday and i can still call this a “mommahood monday” post. because i like themes and themes like me.

IMG_2847there is not a single sentence i’ve heard more since giving birth to Judah than “it goes by so fast.” i assume people, mostly other moms, who say this to me in passing (or when they’re trying to get a look at judah’s face while i’m nursing him in the baby carrier while picking up avocados at the grocery store – awwwkward!) are alluding to the time i get to experience him as a baby. this assumption came only after first considering they were referring to my “youthful glow” because, well, that went in a flash. or the length of time i can hold onto a single thought…

what was i saying?

oh yes, it DOES go by fast! Judah is already six and a half months old, y’all. and i can still recall the sheer terror i felt leaving the hospital with him. literally, i started sweating just thinking about it (he hardcore choked as we were preparing to leave and i cried. we then sat in our recovery room, dressed and packed, for hours before i felt okay about leaving). how has it already been six and a half months? i guess time really does fly when you’re sleep-deprived breastfeeding covered in poop having fun!


yesterday i compared Judah to a drunk college student. he crawls to get places (more like uses his feet to push up and then his forearms and thighs to drag himself forward, soldier-in-the-trenches-style). he’s been sitting up unassisted for a couple months but occasionally, he still falls. like, doesn’t even try to catch himself. he pulls himself up to standing, and falls. if he’s laying down, he has a hard time getting himself up to sitting. and then, sometimes falls. he babbles on about who knows what. he never cleans up after himself. and sometimes, he smells. that sounds exactly like my roommate freshman year of college.

who knew we’d have a drunk college student for a six month old. i thought they didn’t turn into mini drunkards until toddlerhood. he’s such a little person. he seems to very clearly know what he likes, his laugh is insanely contagious and he always gets the joke. and i swear if we left him alone he’d eventually figure out how to make himself breakfast. like Matilda, only not fueled by rage because we’re awesome parents. okay, i don’t know about “awesome”, but we’re definitely better than those losers were. have you seen that movie? they were horrible. good for her for finding her magical power and getting out of there.



all this to say, the strangers and sporadic creepers who’ve said the time goes by fast, you’re right. it does. i’m trying to stay present and appreciate all the moments. i’m taking a ton of pictures and videos. and i’m doing my best to block the devastating daydreams of the first day he comes home from school and says some asshole kid was mean to him.

i just called someone’s child an asshole. i hope i can evolve a bit more in the next few years. or maybe before then someone will create a Benjamin Button-type elixir and he’ll stay a baby forever! i’ll spike his apples + pears with it right after we get him potty-trained, before he learns what a tantrum is. it will be glorious!

i need a nap. happy “hump day!” (<–can we all agree to never say that again? lets.)


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2 comments on mommahood monday: “it goes by so fast.”

  1. Joel
    May 15, 2015 at 6:59 pm (3 years ago)

    never stop writing. you are funny as shit. your voice >>>

  2. Chev
    April 3, 2015 at 9:01 am (3 years ago)

    I’m all late, and now it’s Friday, but I’m still playing along with mommahood monday. :) It’s crazy how fast they grow up. Happy 6.5 months to Judah! I’m sure you’re doing a great job, momma. :)


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