mid-week morning distraction.


so, Judah is in a mood. seriously, guys, i think he knows so much more than me and is frustrated that he has to wait on me to catch up. also, i have to finish watching this amazing youtube series i stumbled on. i guess i don’t have to, but i want to. and, conveniently, it’s the perfect research for this thing i’m working on. whatever, i do what i want. all that to say, i’m bailing on my morning writing. i’ll be hardcore engaging with my infant (making a fool of myself in the name of love) and letting him nurse when he wants while watching a fascinating series that feels a lot like school, but in a good way. in an effort to distract you, i thought i’d point you in the direction of two of my current favorite time sucks:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.59.02 AMPinterest, duh. i’m kind of a rockstar pinner. go ahead…get a little lost on some of my favorite boards.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.00.12 AMand if you, like JuJu, are feeling super needy today, here’s another. last week i discovered this lovely collection of blog posts from a site called Miss Moss. aside from thinking i’ve found my blogger soul mate, my latest obsession is a series she’s created called “midweek distration.” that’s right, a gathering of mindless awesomeness, specifically curated to distract you from doing anything productive. how wonderful. enjoy!

be back with something substantial tomorrow. happy hump day!


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