low tide love.

last night i crossed something off my cali bucket list. i took a stroll on a completely deserted, totally safe, beautifully moon-lit beach at the lowest tide of the day, in the middle of the night. and it was awesome.

akeem and i decided to spend one last weekend away (before it’s Thundercats are go!!) and head to a friend’s beach house. and with my weird preggo hours and the even stranger tide times, last night/this morning we decided to go for a walk at 3:30am. there wasn’t a single soul on the beach besides us. we held hands, talked, ran (he ran, i waddled) from the ice cold water, and took a few moments to appreciate the vastness of a constantly changing, ever-so-powerful ocean. we then rinsed our feet, sipped some tea while discussing real estate and future family plans (our fave topics as of late), and went back to sleep. what a simple and wonderful moment it was.

IMG_7655we have a lot of those moments here. i’ve always had a very profound connection with the ocean. feeling pushed and pulled by it, calmed and continually inspired by it. so any chance i get to wake up to waves crashing or enjoy a meal overlooking the ocean…i feel especially content. this morning, after reminiscing about our fun moonlit stroll, Akeem and i discussed how grateful we are to have this time here. to have such loving and generous friends who share their home so openly, to have the freedom to take this time away and to recognize the beauty of our surroundings. i love having that kind of appreciation in common with him.

photo 2

(frizzy hair, don’t care)

we also noticed we can see the place we got married from here! we couldn’t believe we never realized it before. what a sweet discovery that somehow makes so much sense.

so, this is how i start my week — especially grateful. with the never-ending to-do lists in preparation for the greatest gift and challenge of our lives, it’s so nice to take these moments. just the two of us, sharing an abundance of gratitude and love.

i hope you guys had a great week — happy monday! how are you beginning your week? what are you feeling grateful for?

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1 comment on low tide love.

  1. Laura
    September 8, 2014 at 4:32 pm (3 years ago)

    Aaaaaah, it truly is a magical place! I’d like to join in on your gratitude for having such amazingly kind and generous friends. I’d also like to send you, your husband, and that fun little unborn child the warmest of hugs. You are a beautiful family. I’m so happy you get to live in the gratitude and love and beauty that lives around you. #mirror 😉

    Love you Smiths! xo


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