LOB lust.

for about five months now, i’ve been jonesin’ for a new, much shorter, ‘do known as the LOB. (i know, it’s unlike me to be so on-trend) having long hair has it’s perks. the ease of a quick ponytail and/or top knot is my fave. having long thick, naturally curly hair, on the other hand, makes things a bit more difficult to maintain. and since the hormonal havoc that was pregnancy, my hair hasn’t quite gone back to it’s mostly predictable self.

now, here’s the problem. like i mentioned before, my hair is naturally curly. and not those easy, loose, non-ethnic curls, but the kinky-curly, thick and corse, more dubious curls. and because of my fear of imminent comedy wig too afraid to cut it. i like the freedom to go between curly and straight and while i’m sure there’s some magical cut that will grant such freedom, i’ve never seen it. and moreover, i don’t know the wizard hairdresser capable of such a feat. at least not in my tax bracket. so, for now, i present some super dreamy LOBs. join me in my jealous spiral:

Kerry-Washington Lob-haircut-5 Lob-haircut-2013-2 b26e1058a646953a755de072e521a15c

if it ever happens, i’ll be sure to post before and afters. or at the very least, a shot of my tear-soaked tissues on a pile of fried hair fragments surrounding the stylist’s chair. do any of you have or know someone who has my hair type and has successfully made the chop? please share your inspirational tales.

breaking news: while searching for images to include in this post. (no, i didn’t already have a folder on my desktop titled “cut your hair, already!”), i was inspired by a slightly longer version of the long bob. i call it the the LL (longer long) Cool Bob. it could also be known as shoulder length hair, but nonetheless, i thiiiink i could muster up the courage to try it, see how it transfers to curly, and go from there? baby steps:



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