keep it in the closet.  i’m not sure why this has always ranked among my top MJ videos but it has and it always will.  maybe it has something to do with how strong and aggressive he seems in this video.  yea, i think that’s it.  for those few minutes, while i watch this video (and many others, come to think of it) i can see Michael the way i want to.  joyful and powerful, doing what he loves, better than anyone else and completely connected.  plus that move he does at 3:52 still makes my heart skip a beat, LOVE it!

i tried to create a list of all my favorite MJ videos and moments buuut…that didn’t go so well.  it basically turned into a list of just about every video and my corresponding memory.  what it showed me is that MJ’s music was and still is a mainstay in the soundtrack of my life.  i still remember the Thriller dance routine. Rock with You still melts me and Man in the Mirror will always make me cry instantly.   

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” -MJ. 

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