JuJu’s half birthday.


Judah is 6 months old today!!! do you hear the overwhelming sigh of relief in those exclamation marks?! guys, we made it six months. i feel like i just passed my super hard midterms or received a clean bill of health after that scary one night stand. this perfect little being is healthy and, from what i can tell, happy. he’s constantly growing, he’s absolutely hilarious, and i’m pretty sure he’s a genius. let’s celebrate! right?

do you celebrate half birthdays? you know, the date six months after your real birthday, before your next birthday? i’m not sure when i started celebrating them myself, but i think i have my dear friend Hilary to thank for introducing me to the concept. i’ve presented this idea to people in passing and they think it’s a little cray cray. and that’s fine. i like having one more excuse to celebrate breath and life. plus, any reason to incorporate cake or some other special pastry or baked good is a huge win in my book.


we’ve decided to have a fun family day for Judah’s half birthday. i thought about constructing some type of cupcake situation from his pureed foods (<–we’re starting solids, y’all. it’s gettin’ really real…), but abandoned that idea once i realized how insane it is. instead, he will be wearing fun PJs all day (when he isn’t having diaper-free playtime at home – his new fave). we will let him pull up tons of grass and yell at birds at the park, and maybe introduce him to some new animals at the zoo or aquarium, we haven’t decided. we’re just packing enough back-up milk, a couple changes of clothes and letting the wind (Judah’s farts) take us!

very merry unbirthday and happy, happy half birthday my beautiful son! i promise no matter how many times you poop on me i will always celebrate the amazing gift you are.

also, Judah’s first selfie: #nofilter


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2 comments on JuJu’s half birthday.

  1. Krista
    March 23, 2015 at 9:40 pm (3 years ago)

    Sharon, I’m right behind you!!! What a sweet little mouth….:-)

  2. mom
    March 18, 2015 at 3:02 pm (3 years ago)

    Wanna kiss them lips!!!


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