lgbt, and me, for obama.

i’ve read that it’s bad for bloggers and writer-types, anyone who is looking to garner support for their work and their brand, to share their political views in their creative/business space. it’s thought to alienate and possibly discourage some from patronage because they may so strongly feel another way that they will no longer support you or your work. and there have been times when i’ve curbed what i’ve said and times that i haven’t. most times, i haven’t. this is another one of those times.

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this video. i mean, i didn’t really need reminding, but these are so many of the reasons why i’m voting for President Obama. i believe that he’ll make the tough decisions. i believe that ultimately, he’ll do what’s right. i believe he believes in the equal rights of all people and will fight for those rights with unwavering determination. i believe that he understands that standing up for those rights before popular politics is historically what has made for America’s proudest moments.

when Jesse Tyler Ferguson talks about what it would’ve meant as a gay child, in a small town, to hear his president say he supports gay marriage (*tears*); who doesn’t have a moment like that? a time when affirmation for our feelings or recognition and acceptance of our identity would have meant everything. i know i do. and that common thread, that moment of being one, my President recognizes the power and importance of that. and he goes one better, he fights for it.

equality gets pushed to the back burner time and time again, thought to be an emotional issue and not a pressing debate like that of healthcare and the economy. i know that equality is a fundamental issue, one that needs mending and new legislation. i know that because it’s always been at the forefront of my life. much like it has for the LGBT community. or for the black community. or for women. and i’m so thankful to have a President that recognizes that.


pay attention to the end of this video. feel the fear that i felt, thinking about the giant steps back we’d take as a collective if President Obama isn’t reelected, and use your voice. vote! our right to choose is our greatest and most powerful virtue. protect it, use it, and encourage others to do the same. stand up for our rights, all rights, and “come out and vote for President Obama.”

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