in five days, my baby brother is getting married. the same little boy who ate the sand-covered sandwich he’s holding in this photograph. the same little baby whose leg i pulled out of socket when i tried exercising him thinking he was my very own overweight doll. (shut up, i was five and extremely health conscious?) he is the same little boy who cried when he was made to eat “trees” (broccoli). and the same little guy who added a whole syllable to the word “pancakes”, calling them “pan-ah-cakes”, until pretty recently. he’s the kid whose baseball games we’d go to and every coach or involved parent made it a point to come over and tell us how good of a guy and teammate he was. the same guy who came to me for advice about his first date and again when it was time to pick out his tux for prom. he’s the same cool kid who knows the words to classics like the movie “what about bob?” and any early NWA song. and the same guy who, before leaving for a weekend away where he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, stopped by to show me the ring and tell me the plan.

i’m doing this now because on the day i’ll be way too busy/anxious/excited/unable to breathe in my dress let alone sit in front of a computer. not to mention, if i’m tearing up while typing this now, 5 days out, there’s no way i’ll be in any condition to do this day-of. my little brother is officially starting his own family by marrying a beautiful woman i just adore. i’m proud of his choice and even though i’m a bit of an emotional weirdo, i’m so excited about this time in his life and welcoming a new sister to mine.

expect a photo every day this week. a few of my favorite pics of a few of my favorite moments with my favorite person, my baby brother.

photo #1: jarek and i at some florida panhandle beach, a million years ago.

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