i was obsessed with Smooth Criminal.  i recorded it on VHS and watched it over and over trying to figure out how to do that lean.  i watched it more than i watched Land Before Time…and i watched that movie a LOT.  then, i would watch “The Way You Make Me Feel” and pretend to be that crazy-skinny chick in the video and strut around our apartment like MJ was chasing me. until the breakdown dance number, then i became MJ and my mom would yell at me for humping the floor (he does it in the video but much more age-appropriate for him, hence mom’s uncomfortableness).  ah, just some of the many memories centered around Michael Jackson and his music. there are truly so many.

i miss him.  i miss his music.  i become emotional (possibly in a very unhealthy way) every time i see a video, old interview or hear his music.  i know we all go when it’s our time but i sincerely feel like he was one that went too soon.  although i do believe, in death he has made a comeback that the public would never have allowed him in life.  isn’t that sad? 

i believe now, he’s being remembered and honored for his music.  the sheer genius he gifted the universe and music world with is something that i hope people honor forever.  i hope that wherever he is…maybe moonwalking on a cloud somewhere…he’s smiling down on all of us.  he had such a beautiful smile.

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