i just watched this 4 times in a row.  everyone in ear shot is going to hate me by the end of the day.  guess what will be on LOOP ‘til further notice!!!

lemme s’plain why i love this video so.  they look like they are having the best. time. ever.  and THAT is what it’s all about.  and frankly, a place hip hop should revisit often – the love, fun and release of expression, where it started.  i love the energy.  it’s shot beautifully. so vibrant.  and hello, Otis.  you hear that voice and see these two seemingly serious guys smiling and singing along, how do you not feel that?  LOVE.

i would make one change.  i understand that every video requires at least one beautiful girl, i get it.  but, if you know you’re doing it for that reason and that reason alone, put them on the tarmac and use them as cones.  watch them laugh, scream and dodge the swerving spaceship car….in shorts or skirts and stilettos….while they run for their lives or something. give their presence some meaning.  just sayin…

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