i can watch this documentary again and again.  i saw it in theaters and i watch it on demand.  i know people have their opinions about mike…as do i. but, when it comes to boxing.  this dude was a beast.  a. beast.  and i get it.  he prepared, studied and was groomed to be a monster.  a machine.  he was bred, not raised.  there’s an animalistic hunger in him and all he knew was how to strike.  he was a boxer.  a fighter.  he wasn’t taught anything else.  and he, the man, suffered because of it.  an animal, taught to smell fear like a dog and pounce like a cat.

there’s a small part of me that connects with tyson’s relationship to boxing and life.  i feel the adrenaline when he talks about being in the ring.  the speed, the accuracy, the power.  the intelligence and specialty that separated him from the other fighters.  the need to conquer anything in ‘his’ ring.  and the willingness to do whatever it takes to be the best, fight the hardest and ultimately win.  i have a bit of animal in me.  at least a small part.  and if life was like his ring, i get it.

p.s.  i wasn’t there so i don’t know.  but, i’m pretty sure robin givens is a crazy, slightly evil psycho.

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