horoscope from mom, inspiring gchats, and ideas’a brewin’…oh my!

so earlier this eve, my mom text’d me with my horoscope from today’s paper.  her paper, not mine.  like to hear it?  here it go…

“help is on the way.  you may think that you are in a jam, but assistance is coming from an unsuspected ally.  it’s time to tie up loose ends and put the finishing touches on current projects in order to move forward.”

this is a great horoscope.  i’m not one of those people who makes important decisions and buys lottery tickets based on what my daily horoscope says BUT i do enjoy reading it from time to time to see if it feels relevant.  this one does, fa sho. and oooh, talk about “on time”!

so, today.  i’m talking to mom during lunch and she’s getting me kinda fired up.  we’re talking about acting and she’s making a lot of valid points.  saying things that are making me pick up the phone and draft emails that i didn’t want to but probably should.  then later, i have an awe-inspiring gchat with a dear friend who happens to also be a phenomenally-talented writer.  one of those conversations that makes you stop and look around to see if God is sitting there with a smirk on his face saying, “i told you, i got you.”  like the conversation i needed and that couldn’t have been more on time.   then, i signed off  and my mom text’d me this horoscope.  see what i mean?  well, prolly not but just trust me.  the signs were all there, lined right on up.  one after the other.

i’ve been feeling a “change is gon’ come” for a few weeks now.  things feel different.  and i’m feeling my creative mojo returning more and more every day.  i’ve been chatting with friends about moves to be made.  i’ve been keeping j up at night rambling ideas and killing his burrito-high with entirely too deep of convos at various Chipotles around the city.  it’s like that brewing feeling.  i feel it.  and sometimes i have brain overload and have a teeny-tiny itty-bitty meltdown.  and of course i get ultra frustrated that i haven’t accomplished everything i wanted to by now.  BUT, again i say but, something is brewing.  it’s like all the pieces are floating in the sky and one by one they are going to start to fall around my feet, perfectly fit and in place.

i say “thank you” outloud and to myself about a million times every day.  and, i mean it every time.

it’s good to be back.  i feel ready…

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