glaad: Today during an interview with ABC News anchor Robin Roberts, President Obama announced his support for marriage equality.

yes! yes! yes! up top, Mr. President!

the coolest part about all of this is knowing that there are so many young people (and adults) who needed to hear our President say this. and now they have. man, it’s a good day. a nice-sized step in the right direction, for equality and for civil rights as a whole. watch/read his statement HERE.

below are a few fave social media moments:

@garrott via tumblr:

Today, President Obama spoke to ABC to affirm the evolution of his stance on gay marriage. And, for the first time, I feel like someone in office has my back.

I know there’s ton of cynicism re: Obama’s announcement, but if it saves the life of a gay teen watching the news today, it’s worth lauding.

@ryannewyork via tumblr:

For the first time in my life, I have a President who believes that I should have equal rights. Yeah, that feels good.

@hilaryr via twitter:

When I was 17 and came out, I didn’t even know I was supposed to hope for this day. , you saved lives today.

I knew I voted for that guy for a reason.


and to anyone out there who was so desperately seeking this validation: your President supports you! take a breath in that. we’ve come a long way, we’re moving forward, you’re never in this alone. it gets better, it gets better, it gets better. it just did.

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