friday faves: stuff from “the internets”

while working and researching and reading and browsing the internet the past few days, i came across a few fun things worthy-ish of a share. at the very least, if you’re looking to stick it to the man one last time before the weekend, they should make perfectly good time-wasters. enjoy!

happy relationship science:


Screen-Shot-2014-07-31-at-9.41.55-PM-e1406873506849i’m such a sucker for an infographic. seriously, i don’t know why all information isn’t presented this way. who do you write to about something like that? moving on… this one in particular, from Huffington Post, is a fun read and completely credible since it’s based on science. if you’re in a relationship, if you’re thinking it’s a possibility, or if you just like to sit in judgement of those who are – it’s a win. i love reading things like this. i try not to take them toooo seriously, as every relationship is it’s own. but more times than not something speaks to me and i find myself wanting to pay attention to my own partner behavior. what do you think of the findings? anything stand out in particular for good relationship habit building?


bagel math:

bagelmathwho doesn’t love a good bagel? my years in New York definitely helped hone a serious appreciation for this breakfast staple. something i’ve learned over the years is that there is more than one way to eat a bagel. i’ve always been one to cut it in half and butter/jam/cream cheese each side and enjoy it open faced style. many NYers eat theirs sandwich style – won’t do it. something i’ve noticed here in LA, the 2 and a half times i’ve seen someone actually consume a bagel, they eat them whole, ripping off pieces and nibbling. i venture into this method at times when i’m in a dip vs. spread mood. but enough about me (damn, i want a bagel now), this random read is about a way to cut a bagel, solely based on math! there’s some terminology i don’t follow, too many Xs and Ys for my taste, but there’s also a diagram and video – visuals! i did understand one very important thing from this: this way of cutting a bagel creates more surface space. hence, more butter/jam/cream cheese. win. pleeease someone try this and tell me how it goes? you know you want to!


50 years of momma’hood:


oh, i am completely obsessed with this article, also from HuffPost. to be completely honest, i was SO taken with these photos, i spent days going back to look at them before actually reading the article to learn the story behind them. i think i find them particularly fascinating because i’m creeping into momma’hood myself and i like seeing all these different representations. and i think that baby’s foot in his momma’s mouth is about the cutest thing ever. click thru and fall in love, or at least hardcore like, with these truly beautiful images. what’s your favorite? can you pinpoint the era of each photograph? does this make you think of your own momma?

see anything good on “the internets” this week? do share! and have a beautiful weekend, folks!

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