friday faves: 3.27.15

hey kids! …was that douchey? i once heard Zac Efron refer to a fellow actor – of relatively the same age – as “that kid” and i was overwhelmed with such disdain for him (we’ve since reconciled and i thoroughly enjoyed him in Neighbors and wish him Robert-Downey-Jr.-level sober success). anyhoo, i hope you all have had a lovely week!

per Friday usual, below you’ll find a collection of links from around “the internets.” there is sooo much i have to catch up on. i definitely have to spend less time mindlessly scrolling instagram and more time in my pocket reading world news, blog posts on baby-led weaning, and watching The Tonight Show clips. have a great weekend!!

a photo of a woman in a bikini went viral for all the right reasons.

In Living Color: The Oral History. my life has been made and i need nothing more.

according to this i am 80-100% spiritually conscious. i should be getting my hemp trophy in the mail soon.

as if Googling randomness wasn’t it’s own reward, the lovely people of Google have created the ultimate time waster: Google Feud.

i got a little reminder to breathe tattooed on my wrist and apparently i was onto something.

President Obama reading mean tweets. thanks, Obama.

my latest addiction: #Bitmoji. dreams do come true.

a lovely collection of classic images of New York.

Tom Hanks has been in a LOT of movies, y’all.



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