friday faves: 3.13.15

c5db636ba286aff1bbfab7c8bf3f0034don’t you just love daylight savings!?! i’ve always taken issue with the concept of “time.” mostly, with the feeling of never having enough of it. i haven’t even worn a watch in over a decade. so there’s just something about more daylight hours that feels like this joy-inducing gift. if i wake up at the same time as i did back in February, somehow it’s earlier now. magic!

what are you guys up to this weekend? it’s supposed to be a particularly HOT couple days here so i’m sure we’ll be doing whatever we can to stay cool. in the meantime, and while you’re counting down to the weekend, enjoy these randoms from around the web!

sometimes i think Jon Stewart is my spirit animal. once again, what he said.

the trailer for the first authorized Kurt Cobain documentary is out. and just like that my emotional stability is compromised.

skin secrets from some of LA’s most trusted face gurus. translation: this momma misses retinol.

travel as much as possible, Dr. Seuss’ orders.

the ladies used to dominate the Hollywood screenwriters pool. they were paid more too. like, a lot. how ’bout we revive THAT vintage trend!

guys, i’m still not over the death of “Denny Duquette.” this list is messed up. so, naturally, i’m sharing it here.

new trend alert: spending less time at the office and more time as a present parent is in.

apparently, Christina Aguilera is a master impersonator.




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