friday faves!


stupid head cold aside, it was a pretty great week. Judah had some amazing gut-busting laughs, Hilarity for Charity had a blast cycling their butts off (literally) to raise some cash for Alzheimer’s research and care, and i found out one of my all-time favorite people will be visiting LA my birthday weekend! i also had a wonderful exchange with a new friend (thanks to a beautiful long-time friend and her masterful connecting) about being and raising a brownbaby that was inspiring, heart-warming, and encouraging.

what do you guys have planned for the weekend? all of our plans are contingent on my sinuses, but we hope to visit with some friends and family. hope you guys had a great week! here are some fun reads from around the web… xx

life made. with this incredible SAVED BY THE BELL REUNION!!!! (and i NEVER use caps…)

this is old, but gives me great joy. for all the wrong reasons.

i’m basically never leaving my house again thanks to this list.

completely obsessed with McDreamy’s property in Malibu.

this is fascinating and will most likely receive an entire post devoted to it soon. all aspiring writers (and other freelancers, for that matter) please read.

found this simple and helpful as i navigate keeping a tidy home with “basically zero effort.”

just ’cause: my absolute favorite song/video and probably will be for at least 2 more years. (Akeem & Judah love it too – bonus! all day play!) it also reminds me of these guys and i love it all over again.

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