friday faves: 2.13.15

…or how my brain sees it: 2 + 13 = 15. anyone else number crazed like that? i can’t see a number without looking for the pattern or meaning. but then, i’m one of those people who thinks things happen in threes, signs are all around us, and they always mean something.


what is everyone up to this weekend? we’re having brunch with some friends tomorrow and possibly doing a little exploring on Sunday. it’s supposed to be a very warm and sunny weekend so i fully intend to try and trade in some of this ashy grey skin tone for some natural bronzing a la healthy doses of sun.

enjoy these links from around the web…

college kids looking to do some good while still having a blast, with Seth Rogen, should click here.

i would like to buy Akeem everything from this Brooklyn-based men’s accessories line.

female lead comedy from the great and wonderful Judd Apatow? seems promising.

i’ve been binge-watching this fascinating and incredibly informative series on Youtube. join me.

Obama uses a selfie stick. and it’s adorable.

rare, throwback photos of famous people is always fun.

this fantastic list of perfection gave me so much peace and joy.

have a great weekend!

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