friday fave: Dominic Giamo (i hope i spelled that right.)

i’m not sure when this originally aired but i saw it on gonnabeabeautifulnight‘s blog earlier this week. i’ve been saving it, hoping that when friday rolled around i could post it as a fave for the week with some witty commentary. but, i got nothing. no funny or sarcastic comments about his energy level or the super swole guy in the too-tight shirt shown quickly at the beginning. i’m just moved. in a major, practically indescribable way.

dear Dominic,

where did you come from? who are your parents? what types of things do you read? do you feel a special something brewing inside you that makes you so filled with light? because i think there might be. and it’s pretty awesome.

i am so truly moved by what i saw in this video and the person you appear to be. not just because you helped a Muslim person when they needed it, but why you did. you give love and wish to receive love, and that’s it. you see people as brothers and sisters. you’re filled with so much beautiful energy and i hope wherever you go people encourage you to stay steady on whatever path you’re on.

sending you many blessings. keep doing what you’re doing. tv or not, i know you’re affecting those around you, in the best possible way.

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