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whenever i watch Spanglish, it feels like my favorite movie and Adam Sandler is my favorite actor and human being. i also spend many minutes googling, looking for the rosetta stone taught by Paz Vega. no luck just yet, but i’m hopeful. Read more…

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call me maybe.

this is awesome for a few reasons: i love Rebecca Minkoff + Gavin Bellour and think baby Bellour is the most adorable. i did the exact same thing today. minus the video camera, champagne and awards show prep. (i jammed out to this song while loading the dishwasher. same thing.) anyone who does the running […] Read more…



i know, i wasn’t into it either, but wow. this film is super creative, highly intense, and a pretty awesome watch. if you like being completely stressed out (in a really fun way) and going minutes without taking a breath, this is the movie for you. i hope these two plan on teaming up again […] Read more…


tiny furniture.

i watched Tiny Furniture with my mom this past weekend. my third time, her first. the whole thing, all scenes: the c/p/f-words, the awkward loud laughs of familiarity and the unprotected sex in a pipe situation. she laughed at the right times and i love her even more. i highly recommend it. Read more…


more D’Angelo.

more D’Angelo. anyone else immediately close your eyes and let your head fall back when you hear his voice? as if you’re feeling some magical music morphine? ugh, music world, please be good to this man. he’s a treasure. and the fact that we have him here, and he didn’t join the “gone too soon” […] Read more…

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