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speaking of sharing.

speaking of sharing…i have questions and concerns about that. when it comes to my own personal tales, i’m fine with an overshare and the occasional personal photo. but now that Judah is here, i have major reservations about how much i share about him – in the way of photos mostly. i think a story […] Read more…


happy halloween!!!

happy halloween!! are you dressing up? headed to a fun party? are you the creeper who turns out their lights to avoid trick-or-treaters? i must admit, Judah’s first Halloween is a lazy one, but i’m proud that we still kept his costume on-family-brand. my husband is particularly proud of the homage to his throwback gaming […] Read more…


well, hello again!

hey there! i’m back to posting irregularly, after taking the last few weeks to obsess over our little guy. thank you a zillion times over for all your well wishes here and on Facebook and Instagram. we welcomed Judah Eli Smith on September 18th at 5:12am. he’s a Virgo, he likes long walks in the […] Read more…


baby brain.

i was wondering when it would happen. that moment when i’d become one of those women. the ones who are completely consumed with all things baby. i’m not sure if i have the normal case of “baby brain”, not to be confused with “pregnancy brain” which is basically like losing 50 IQ points, but the […] Read more…


friday fave: bad jelly bean boob.

this week’s friday fave is a little different. no fun links like last week. instead you’ll find a quick convo between a husband and wife. i’m not saying it’s me and my husband. just a funny moment that felt worth a share. enjoy the weirdness! INT. HOME OFFICE – EVENING An attractive and lovely couple quietly work side […] Read more…


10 things i miss about me, pre-preggo.

don’t get me wrong, being pregnant with my first child is pretty awesome. considering some of the horror stories i’ve heard, i think i’ve actually had a pretty easy go of things. yes, it has very significant sucky points. and i’m terrified about my belly’s ability to keep up with what feels like the biggest […] Read more…

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