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modern mamafesto.

if you’re a mama, you know all about the massive transition to motherhood. some of us jump right in, immerse ourselves in all things playdates, diaper creams, and homemade baby food. the master schedulers who somehow do our hair and workout every day, still managing to have a coffee with a non-mama-related-girlfriend a couple times […] Read more…


weaning is hard. funny friends help.

this quick post isn’t about weaning; calm down.  although, trust, that post is coming.  once i believe i can write about the experience without short-circuiting my computer with crazy crocodile tears, i will. here is a text conversation i’ve revisited multiple times over the last few days when i needed a laugh.  there are so many moments […] Read more…


mommahood monday: “it goes by so fast.”

April Fools!! ha! gotcha! you thought it was Monday! aaahahaha! (i didn’t get much sleep last night, please don’t swear off this blog…) i know, it isn’t Monday and that wasn’t my best prank, but i wrote this on Monday so please join me in a game of pretend. it is Monday and i can still call this a “mommahood […] Read more…


JuJu’s half birthday.

Judah is 6 months old today!!! do you hear the overwhelming sigh of relief in those exclamation marks?! guys, we made it six months. i feel like i just passed my super hard midterms or received a clean bill of health after that scary one night stand. this perfect little being is healthy and, from what i […] Read more…

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