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friday faves: 3.13.15

don’t you just love daylight savings!?! i’ve always taken issue with the concept of “time.” mostly, with the feeling of never having enough of it. i haven’t even worn a watch in over a decade. so there’s just something about more daylight hours that feels like this joy-inducing gift. if i wake up at the […] Read more…


i’ll miss you, Parks and Rec.

*this post was intended for yesterday. but because, ya’ know, life, it’s going up now. friday faves post to follow in a couple hours. maybe. *also, there may be spoilers ahead. if you haven’t seen the final episode yet, don’t read any further than the next paragraph. but feel free to scroll thru and look […] Read more…


friday fave: birthday edition!

okay, there’s nothing different about this “birthday edition” list of faves from around the web. it’s just my birthday so everything that happens today gets a birthday spin. which basically transfers to me eating cake while i do everything. so yes, the best day of the year. what are you guys up to this weekend? we’re […] Read more…


friday faves: 2.13.15

…or how my brain sees it: 2 + 13 = 15. anyone else number crazed like that? i can’t see a number without looking for the pattern or meaning. but then, i’m one of those people who thinks things happen in threes, signs are all around us, and they always mean something. what is everyone […] Read more…


friday faves!

stupid head cold aside, it was a pretty great week. Judah had some amazing gut-busting laughs, Hilarity for Charity had a blast cycling their butts off (literally) to raise some cash for Alzheimer’s research and care, and i found out one of my all-time favorite people will be visiting LA my birthday weekend! i also […] Read more…


happy new year?

yea, yea, i know. it’s been a while and i suck. i’ve been itching to post everything from family holiday plans, to Judah cuteness, to recent architectural obsessions (really, guys, i’m “let’s design a house” crazed)… but i haven’t. why? well, a couple reasons: 1. i’m still figuring out this new mom thing. meaning, i spend most […] Read more…

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