…by the way; I did not know what the heck I was doing when I raised you and your brother…especially when it came to race. The only people I could go to about it was your father’s side of the family who, for the most part, said you were black. My family was clueless and sometimes evil and also said you all were black so, my heart went with common sense. That you might like to have a say someday in how the world sees you, instead of letting them be in control. I guess that is what I did…all by the seat of my naïve little pants.

– my mom, aka mama Sharon, in an email conversation re: the Halle Berry article i posted earlier.  after she got on me about the four-letter word usage. 

so there, how my brownbaby story began.  when all else failed and she was unsure, she turned to the truth.  and, common sense.  seems to have worked out for my brother and i.  go figure.  #mymomisdope

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