blind-girl bossypants

3 hours later.

copay:  $35

fancy prescription eye drops:  $50

case & contacts i had to toss because of infection:  $16.67*

salt & vinegar chips i ate as soon as i hit the door (i was at doc during prime afternoon snack time):  $.99

knowing my eyes (yes, both eyes) are actually infected and i’m not just that tired, naturally puffy and gross:  priceless.

in other news, the doc took so long to show up, i had a ton of time to catch up on Bossypants reading.  it’s been difficult to steal those quiet bus ride reads lately with all the rain, cops? checking limited tickets and covering my mouth with my scarf as to not catch whatever the woman next to me is hacking up.  the scarf hand is my page-flipping hand.  and, now…i’m done.  it was everything i dreamed it would be.  that Tina Fey is one brilliant broad.  i laughed out loud countless times and i feel smarter, funnier and more justified for loving Amy Poehler as unconditionally as i do.

now Bossypants sits on my shelf between the uncorrected proof of “Betty White: If You Ask Me” and the advanced copy of “Shirley MacLaine:  I’m Over All That”.  both unread but high on the list.  obviously, i take all free books i get from the throwaway table at work.  but only if they’re about old, funny, white women whose shows and films i now watch in syndication or $5.99 dvds.  i should also point out, i bought Bossypants.  i don’t know why i should point that out, i just feel like i should.  like, as a testament to my love for Tina Fey? i’m sure i’ll return to it countless times to fumble thru pages, frustrating friends and family, trying to find that funny thing i was just poorly re-telling them. 

maybe i’ll return to Ashley Judd’s bio next.  or maybe “Seat of the Soul” since J is reading it (not exclusively for this reason but, sorda)and it pisses me off that he now seems smarter and more at peace than me.  i feel like i need to keep reading, while i’m on a roll and feeling capable, since my natural tendency is to flip thru a magazine backwards while watching reruns of King of Queens.

*amount based on loose math done by dividing number of contacts received for the $100 i paid last fall (pre-company insurance) for the deal that included eye exam and 6-month supply of the cheapest available contacts (that i now know have slowly been deteriorating in my eye causing my eyeballs to declare war on my face.) 

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