best wedding planners in the biz: jason segel & nicholas stoller.

i finally saw Five-Year Engagement yesterday. and yes, it’s funny. and sweet. i still ride hard for the Apatow brand. Jason Segel can do no wrong. Alison Brie is a stand out and does a mean Elmo impression. it made me feel really awesome about my relationship (you’ll get that if/when you see it) and i think all my wedding-planning-questions have been answered. Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller wrote the ideal wedding. a pretty shitty engagement, poor Tom & Violet – brutal journey, but that’s my kinna wedding.

to those family & friends anxiously awaiting our wedding plans, see Five-Year Engagement. while Tom & Violet’s path isn’t our exact story (thank God!), we are living between two coasts and our engagement was immediately followed by an unexpected opportunity/delay. so, without giving away too much to those who haven’t seen the movie, that kinna wedding will do us just fine. and if you want it to happen sooner than we’re willing to plan it, get on it.

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