Avatar. i love you.

i can’t believe i forgot to mention this! so, my brother has been insisting we see Avatar since Christmas.  i had absolutely no interest.  fast forward to last weekend.  we all decided we were perfectly content with grabbin’ some Chipotle and seeing whatever movie was playing.  so we get to Kips Bay and Avatar is the next movie in the line up.  my interest has been peeked with all the media attention and the ridonculous (it’s a word, look it up.) numbers it’s done so, i’m into it.  kinda want to see it even. although, i’m not feeling the idea of wearing 3D glasses for 3 hours.

fast forward, two and a half hours later.  speechless.  no, not speechless.  amazed.  actually, i couldn’t stop saying “wow, that was SO GOOD.”  like really, all the way to the 4 train…that’s all i said.  and mind you, i was fighting the serious early stages of a cold and was definitely “that girl” in the movies with balled up toilet paper quietly trying to blow my nose during the loud parts, sniffling and making that ultra-annoying noise with my mouth to scratch my throat.  ew.

i am IN LOVE with this movie.  it was un-friggin-believable.  uh, and the love story.  got all kinds of wrapped up.  amazing.  loved it.  can’t wait to own it.  thinking of hosting an avatar themed Halloween party (8 months from now.).  yep, it’s that serious.  if you’re in the 10th percentile of American people who haven’t seen it, come on over to Pandora (if you see it, you’ll get that ref.).  see the movie, you will fall in love.  just in time for Vday.  awww.

p.s.  still wish there was a way to enjoy 3D without feeling like my eyeballs are gonna fall out.  just sayin.  ..still love.

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