attn: louis c.k.

my friend Rachael has an idea that i think is worth considering. she posted this note on facebook but the responses were dumb and it was really intended for you. if you’re into it and would like her contact info, i’m happy to pass it along. please see below:

Dear Louis C.K.,

I think you can single-handedly stop racism. It’s a big fucking deal and I just figured it all out. Trayvon vs Zimmerman pissed everyone off and HBO’s Girls made everyone pity black people. These latest reactions to racism are not helpful at all. Here’s my idea to finally fix all of this crap.

You should write a script for an entire cast of people of color where nothing too dramatic happens to anyone for the entire thing, just a normal and regular story about people, in their every day lives, that’s also funny. No talk about race and no character should be poor or very rich or say anything white people will feel foolish repeating, if they quote any part of the script aloud. And that’s it.

Racism still exists because the black people that people see all the time are so different than them and different is what’s scaring everyone so much. But a large percentage of black people are nothing like Precious or the president and are in fact, just like average white people. Showing that, on Primetime television, is something we haven’t tried, really, since The Cosby’s. Rudy Huxtable is 33 years old.

You will write something way more provocative than Red Tails. This will definitely work. Let it gain a following and boom—you’ll be the fucking white MLK. And it’s good that you’re white, people will listen to you.

I’m a writer, but you’re famous and I’m not, you should do it.

Good luck,


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